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United Benefice of Corringham and Fobbing

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Worship in the benefice is centred around two key elements, the Holy Mass and the Daily Offices (Morning and Evening prayer). The Daily Office weaves us into the wider tapestry of prayer offered by the Church across the world. When we prayer we know we are participating in something that is happening continuously as the day moves slowly around the world. The Holy Mass was commanded by Jesus who said that we should eat his flesh and drink his blood in remembrance of him. We firmly believe that this bestows on us healing graces that help us lead more Christian lives. In addition to these there are services relating to different sacraments. Sacraments are the ways in which we receive God's grace so that we might more fully live out our vocation and abide by God's will. Lastly there are devotions. These are a way of expressing our love for God and are closely linked to the pattern of the Christian year and the sacraments.
Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
Lent and Easter Services (Coming Soon)
Normal Service Pattern
Morning Prayer
Evening Prayer
0800 - St Johns
0915 - St Michael's
1045 - St Mary's *
07:30 - St Johns
1930 - St Mary's
0930 St Mary's
1845 - St Mary's
0930 - St Mary's
0900 - St Mary's
1730 - St John's **
1000 - St Michael's
0930 - St Michael's
1800 - St Michael's
1000 - St John's
0930 - St John's
1800 - St John's
0930 - St Mary's
0900 - St Mary's
1800 - St Mary's
*On the second Sunday of each month the parish mass will be at St John's at 10:45.
** Proceeded by exposition and concluded with Benediction
If you are looking for one of these services for yourself, or involved arranging one, then you should explore both the faith section of this website, or contact a member of the team.