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Marriage or Holy Matrimony is understood as one of the sacraments of the Church. In it we receive God's grace to help us live out our lives of love and commitment to our partners. It is considered to be a way of life ordered by God and made holy by Jesus' presence at the wedding at Canaan. The benefits of marriage are both as the ideal state for the raising of children and as a relationship of mutual support and love between two people. Marriage is also public. It's about society and how we choose to live within it. This is why marriages are conducted in public, before witnesses and guests.

A marriage is actually conducted by the two people being married. A priest may offer the churches blessing and oversees that the promises made by each person are done properly and according to God's law, but he does not actually DO the marriage. Because it is a contract made before God, and legally recognised, it's important that both the legal formalities are approached honestly and openly and the couple take seriously the commitment they make to one another.

It is a cause of great celebration and joy for all the community when two people decide to commit to each other in this way. If it is something you are considering then we look forward to hearing from you - so please be in contact. Also take an opportunity to explore the Church of England website on getting married in church which is full of useful information. Wedding bookings are arranged during Vestry Office Hours - currently 1900-1945 each Wednesday at St John's, Corringham. Please open and print the ‘Marriage Enquiry Form’ and bring it, with any relevant documentation it asks for, with you to secure a booking during your visit!

If you are being married in a different Church of England Parish and need us to read your Banns then this can be arranged at our vestry hour at the times above. You may like to download and print the Banns application form below to speed up that process. Please note that a fee is charged for the publication of Banns. Current fees for the Church of England can be found on its website here.
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Click on he picture to access the Church of England Wedding's Website

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Getting married in Corringham or Fobbing?
Click on the picture to open the ‘Marriage Enquiry Form’ in your browser to download and print.
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Getting married elsewhere?
Click on the picture to open the ‘Banns Application Form’ in your browser to download and print.
He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favour from the Lord.
Proverbs 18:22