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Christening, when a child or adult is baptised, is how we welcome somebody into the family of the Church. It involves making promises, or having promises made by your godparents, to reject the devil and turn to Christ. Whilst for some this language seems a little old fashioned it is still very important. Christianity is about turning away from those things which are destructive in our lives and turning to Christ, with his promise of eternal life. Put bluntly it is when we choose to live rather than to die.
Baptism is a cause of great joy for all Christians because it is the opportunity to welcome new people into the Church. Often people are baptised as children though more and more people, who haven't been baptised as children, are now baptised as adults. When a Child is baptised a Godparent will make promises on there behalf so these people should be baptised themselves so they can bring the child up to follow Christ.

We believe at baptism that special graces are bestowed. These graces are a gift form God that encourage and help us in our life of faith. It is something that each of us can only have done once so a decision to be baptised must always be taken seriously.

I you would like to find out more about baptism for yourself or a child then please contact one of the team who would be happy to guide you through the necessary steps. More information about baptism can be found on our dedicated website 'Your Service'.
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Click on the Christenings logo to access the Church of England's new website about Baptism

Jesus answered, ‘Very truly, I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God without being born of water and Spirit.'
Gospel of John 3:5